Tessiduras de Paghe English

Tessiduras de Paghe

Sardinia is rediscovered teacher of peace recalling its ancient rites of reconciliation that always coexist with the best known vindictive justice. The people opposed to military servitude and rediscovers the tools for building a sustainable and resilient community. In this perspective the Recital Tessiduras de Paghe, including Word and Music, takes shape in the tracks (in Italian) and stage actions of Mary Virginia Siriu, in the verses of Paola Alcioni (in Sardinian Campidanese), Francesco Ignazio Mannu (in Sardinian Logudorese), Franco Fresi (in Sardinian Gallurese), the singing of the tenores Murales of Orgosolo and harmonies of Andrea Congia.


The Book Tessiduras de Paghel, published by the Center of Pisa in the Notebooks Gandhi Satyagraha, is a collection of essays by various authors, including the two editors of the book, which tells of a Sardinia committed to building a peace based on respect for justice, rights of the Human and Nature, the work proposes a Sardinia intent on weaving behaviors and habits of pacification through which his identity opens to understand and try to meet the basic needs and therefore the same universal Humanity.


Elisa Nivola and Maria Erminia Satta Mending of Tessiduras de Paghe. Two women sharing a passion for civic engagement, social and cultural development inspired by the values of nonviolence. The first, Professor of Education at the University of Cagliari, where he was a student of Aldo Capitini, died in 2008, leaving a rich legacy of works and evidence of high educational significance. The second, who has taught for more than thirty years in the Middle School, is currently devotes to volunteering and service training as part of the Association Nord-Sud of Tempio Pausania.

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