Antigone on Antigone English

A n t i g o n e on A n t i g o n e


“The body is the map and the voice is the guide” through harrowing conflicts to discover the joy. The audience will participate actively in all the scenes, following a path of meditation; and experience firsthand the tragedy and catharsis.


The text of Sophocles is a classic archetype for dialogue with the current reality: in the center is the conflict between the written law and unwritten law.

The contemporary world hides conflicts, which often manifest themselves as unsolved, uncomfortable and explosions of violence on a large scale.


The piéce, following the interpretation of classical tragedy that gives the mediator

Jacqueline Morineau, is an instrument in which the conflict is brought to light in its extreme tragic consequences. The pain and disorder are known and accepted in the action stage. The personal drama is shared in public spaces. So begins the process of non-violent solution.

The show is a rite of transformation and is configured as a map to reconstruct the tripartite vision of the person: body, mind and soul.


In our production, the theater is a public space in which recreates a community dynamic. Viewers are called to question and take a stand. Scenes alternate moments consist of active meditation group, led by the officiant actress and scenes where are recalled the characters of Sophocles. At the center of the active participation of the actor / spectator.

The energy given by physical expressiveness, fast-paced, interaction between the participants creates a trans flash expansion of the five senses into a meditative state.

Antigone on Antigone on stage:

2015 Phoenix Theatre- Swindon UK


Teatro Electra Iglesias (CI) Italy


Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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